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The Mythbuster Leadership program is subdivided into 20 themes that have been grouped into 9 training sessions

Offered in a "self-directed readings" format, the time allocated for each session of Section 1 will be specific to each individual. Depending on the rhythms, the estimated average time per Session of Section 1 will be approximately 60 minutes. For all 3 Sections, the training certificate recognizes 15 hours of training.

The author recommends reading a training session every two weeks to obtain convincing results that will last.

Finally, you will be accompanied throughout this learning process thanks to the sections of Context and Examples, which follow each theme.

Approach to Mythbuster Leadership

Inspired by systemic thinking

Systemic thinking involves seeing the world as a system and humans as being part of that system. This approach allows to accurately predict outcomes. The author made it a pillar of inspiration because it helped him identify the aspects that had escaped his organization for decades, hurting results over and again, until that point.

The systemic approach does not consider leadership as a psychological, complex or “soft” topic. This leads to advantages that further support outcomes: Learners deeply assimilate themes, effecting a sea change in their mindsets. The approach also facilitates the day-to-day application of those themes.

How systemic thinking makes themes easier to apply

The systemic approach leads to recognizing patterns in behavior, predicting consequences, and better targeting actions to change outcomes.

The systemic approach leads to simplifying and clearly communicating themes, so they can be understood by the vast majority, not only by a self proclaimed few.

Themes become easy to learn. Through repetition, your mindset changes. Neuroscience now prove that your brain builds new connections that lead to more efficient and inspiring behaviors, in response to the same emotions. You gradually respond to your environment differently. The program delivers a how-to on retiring old behaviors and bad habits, a process that enhances your leadership.

Content offered by this program

In less than 10 sessions, the Mythbuster Leadership program will make you an inspiring leader throughout your career, even in emergency situations or stressful environments, because you will now recognize the pitfalls that affect your results.

Section 1 Leadership themes/ Program sessions
  1. Session 1 / The Top Six Traps in Management
  2. Session 2 / Defining our Leadership and Recognizing the 8 Toxic Behaviors
  3. Session 3 / Building Your Management Routine
  4. Session 4 / Developing Systemic Thinking
  5. Session 5 / Managing Stress Risers and Introduction to Feedback 1
  6. Session 6 / Managing at the Right Level
  7. Session 7 / Investing in Behavioral Versatility
  8. Session 8 / Introduction to Feedback 2
  9. Session 9 / Why are we in Management?
Section 2 Implantation (For the delivery of the program in a team)
Section 3 Continuity tools
Section 4 Appendices
  1. Tools Management routine
  2. Tool – Feedback 1 preparation template
  3. Example – Continuity tool - « Cheat sheets »
  4. Examples – Lists of questions for introductory meetings
  5. Self-assessment and 360 survey

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