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Managing always involves managing certain types of risks to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the setting: risks to people and the environment, risks to equipment and infrastructure, risks to processes and product quality, and financial risks.

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For the author, the setting was an industrial site, one of the largest of its kind in Canada.The complexity of processes at that site made managing even more challenging.

This work environment, coupled with the difficult economic situation at the time, resulted in a high level of pressure, which managers dealt with poorly. It was an incredible laboratory for leadership though, as the author would refer to it two decades later.

He didn't come from a family of university graduates or managers. For the first decade of his career, he felt a bit cowed. He figured he would never be a leader.

Little did he know!

Alain Gauthier - Author of the program

The majority of the themes in the Mytbuster Leadership program were inspired by the work environment I was in. It was an industrial complex with five plants, one of the largest in its field in Canada, with about 1,200 employees at the time.

An incredible playground
for leadership

Management in general always involves managing certain types of risks of varying magnitude, depending on the environment: risks to people and the environment, risks to equipment and infrastructure, risks to processes and product quality and financial risks.

The complexity of the processes adds to the management challenges: complex chemical processes, demanding in terms of waste treatment; corrosive processes with gases and high concentration chemicals; six steam boilers; an ethanol plant; a water treatment system with a capacity similar to that of a city of a few million inhabitants.

An industrial complex like this has its own emergency team, whether it's for fire, height, confined space or environmental emergencies. Procedures and training of team members must be ready and proven to federal authorities at all times. An Emergency Measures Coordinator is designated as the person in charge of this function. For several years, the author was the director responsible for this role in parallel with his other duties.

This work environment, combined with the difficult economic situation at the time, resulted in a high level of pressure that led managers to engage in a number of disengaging behaviours. As the author would call it a decade later, it was an incredible laboratory for leadership.

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To date, the Mythbuster Leadership program has been taught to over 400 individuals across North America, both through online training in a self-directed reading format and through group sessions offered within various private companies.

In the last 30 years, I had the opportunity to attend many trainings that tempted to offer « how to become a good leader ». Sadly those trainings left a void and too many unanswered questions : Such as how would I put all that information in application.

A year ago, I had the privilege to follow the Mytyhbuster Leadership program created by Alain. Bravo!!! Its content differentiates it and splits it apart from every other leadership training. It is simple but so effective. Alain has identified the essential needs of his audience and developed a solution that is easy to integrate to our operations.

The program allowed me both to become aware of my behaviors that could affect collaboration in our team as well as to improve my management skills regarding my priorities, by differentiating what is urgent from what is important.

Ultimately, the program allowed to prioritize the development of each member of my team and to increase exponentially the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Engineering and Process improvement team.

I want to personally thank the author, Alain, for having passed on the notions that now allow me to improve and perfect my skills as a leader coach, connector and manager

Sylvain Bellemare
Vice-Président Engineering and Process improvement
Québec, Canada

The managers at our plant who completed the Mythbuster Leadership program are unanimous: the content of the sessions is concrete, easy to understand, and, above all, easy to apply quickly.

Alain Gauthier, who designed the program, has a background in operations. He's familiar with the challenges that managers face in the field and uses evocative examples with which they can easily identify, using a vocabulary that speaks to them.

The proposed approach takes into account the human aspects that influence results and allows to identify, head-on and without kid gloves, the behaviors they need to favour and those they must avoid for positive, effective leadership, which will lead team members to optimize their performance.

Although it’s always a challenge to change behaviors and ways of doing, the rigor and support reinforced by the program create commitment and provide the team with the structure required to move forward and work together to apply the changes, ultimately for the company’s success.

Roxanne Perrault
Organizational Psychologist and Communication Coach
Company in primary / secondary transformation and sale of wood products.
Québec, Canada

It is truly a unique spin on some common ideology, with a path to implementation that makes everyday use effortless. Well worth the exploration!

Chris Schneider
Corporate Director – Product Engineering
New Jersey, USA

Your training gives me food for thought that allows me to go a long way and I add it to my series of important references on which I rely.

Pierre Rivard
Municipal public works manager
Québec, Canada

I've got the first six themes posted up on my whiteboard with magnets and it seems every time I find myself in a situation where I don't know what to do, I can find an answer or inspiration on that board.

Paul Kalbun
General Manager - manufacturing plant
Ontario – Canada

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