Mythbuster leadership

Mythbuster Leadership is a learning program in a "self-directed reading" format and designed for the leadership development of any management staff as well as senior executives.

The systemic approach, favored throughout this program, subdivides the various components of leadership into simple expressions and training themes that, by dint of being put into practice, will make you an inspiring leader.

A 15-hour training certificate may be issued. Moreover, this program is recognized and accredited by many professional associations.

Leadership is a reputation, it's not about style!

Do you feel that your employees do not understand your expectations?
Do you find that your new projects have difficult launches and take too long to implement?
Does your organization suffer from a staff retention problem?

Patterns of disengaging behaviour

When we are under pressure, we automatically become less aware of our reactions. We are therefore at high risk of falling into patterns of disengaging behavior. The manifestation of such patterns, even a few times, can destroy the leadership that you have taken many months to build.

Good news, you will now be able to put an end to these patterns thanks to the Mythbuster Leadership program!

Becoming an inspirational leader with the Mythbuster Leadership Program

Through 20 themes offered in less than 10 one-hour sessions, the Mythbuster Leadership program aims to equip first-level, mid-level and Executives to remain inspiring leaders throughout their careers, even in emergency situations or stressful environments.

Who is the training for?

This program is intended for all management staff and executives:

  • First-level managers: The program will allow you to develop the qualities required to progress in management, while increasing your influence and immediate impact.
  • Middle managers: The program will allow you to understand your role within your organization like never before, while exponentially increasing the performance of your teams.
  • Executives: The program will accompany you through the process of building a strong and irreproachable organizational culture, where the functions of Reliability, Ingenuity and Strategy will co-exist.

The Mythbuster Leadership program content is offered in a “self-directed reading” format. Come learn with us!

The content offered by the program

Practical, comprehensive, and focused on achieving lasting changes, Mythbuster Leadership is a mentoring program in a self-directed reading format for developing the leadership of all management staff and Executives.

41 Myths

Mythbuster Leadership demystifies the leadership myths that have become pervasive. Starting with the myth that leadership is a soft, therefore complex topic. You'll realize that with an applied approach, leadership becomes easy to integrate.

20 Themes

Mythbuster Leadership provides you with tools and solutions through 20 leadership themes. Each theme is supported by a Context and Examples section as though you were in mentoring with the author himself.

Confirmation of training

A 15-hour training certificate can be issued by completing a quick questionnaire offered to everyone at the end of the program. This program is recognized and accredited by many professional associations and orders.

OIQ (Québec Professional Engineers)

This training is eligible for the purposes of the "Règlement sur la formation continue obligatoire des ingénieurs du Québec", insofar as the content is related to the exercise of your professional activities

CRHA (Quebec chartered human resource professionals)

This training is pre-approved for the recognition of your training hours for the purposes of the mandatory continuing education program of CRHA's in Quebec.

Other professional associations

This training is eligible for continuing education for most professional orders, as long as the content is related to your professional activities. We suggest that you contact your association directly or write to us.

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